A New Branch of Hope of the Poor – Mission Statement

Our Lady of Guadalupe has always been a part of the experience of our “mission-pilgrimages” in Mexico City, where Hope of the Poor has hosted thousands over the years.

This new ministry within the umbrella of Hope of the Poor, is a response to Our Lady’s invitation to us to go deeper; to facilitate bringing people into a greater intimacy with Jesus Christ, Her Son by getting to know better the Woman whose quiet, prayerful receptivity allowed Christ to become incarnate in the world

Our Lady of Guadalupe is the Patroness of the Americas, she’s not JUST a devotion for the people of Mexico; nor is Her story one that ended with the apparitions of 1531

We continue to see her loving presence and miraculous intercession bearing tremendous fruits of grace and conversion


This ministry has been in development for quite some time and it has become clear to us in our prayer and discernment that THIS is the time to launch something new.

At the time of this launch, over half the population of the Earth is in some level of isolation or quarantine. Most Catholics are deprived of the Sacraments, most Christians are deprived of Sunday services and bible studies, and all of us are separated from our communities; our families and friends

There are a lot of questions that this situation raises that don’t need repeating here, we are all intimately acquainted with them

For THESE reasons, we need MORE prayer; NOT LESS..

In a time when we are unable to come together, we want to come to YOU

You can’t come to your church to attend a retreat? We will bring the retreat to YOU live online.

You can’t come to our mission fields? We will bring the mission fields to YOU.

You can’t come to Mexico City and visit Our Lady? We will bring Our Lady to YOU.

…and within Her, Our Lord Jesus Christ.

We invite you to respond to an invitation which is not coming from us.

It is an invitation that comes from the glowing, radiant heart of Mary, the Mother of God.


Our Lady invites you to encounter Her Son.

Come and see.

Continued prayers,

Your Friends at Guadalupe Missions