Win a free image of Our Lady of Guadalupe!

Win a free image of Our Lady of Guadalupe!
Would you like to celebrate the feast of Our Lady with an image of your own or to give to a friend? You can bring home our signature digital print (40cm x 60cm) of Our Lady from Mexico City for free & we’ll even cover shipping (within the U.S.)

We are hosting a Likes & Follows competition for our Guadalupe Missions Facebook Page from today until the feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe, December 12th 2022.

*Please Read Rules and Requirements to the end

How to participate:
Invite anyone you think may be interested in our content to LIKE & FOLLOW the Guadalupe Missions page. Whoever successfully brings in the most (minimum 10) by December 12th will have an image shipped to them free of charge. No shipping costs, etc. Just get the most follows by December 12th and we will take care of the rest!

Following Facebook Rules and Regs:
Please do NOT:
1) Post the contest in your feed.
2) Post the contest on others’ feed.
3) Tag anyone on this post.

This may result in our page being penalized by Facebook.

Please DO:
1) Share our page with those you think it would truly be of interest and benefit, one-on-one. This can be in Messenger on Facebook or by any other means off of Facebook.
2) Include a screenshot or some other confirmation that the person has in fact liked & followed the page for us to review and approve and send them to us via the page’s Facebook Messenger by midnight, December 12th 2022.

We will contact the winner first and then announce the winner publicly shortly after December 12th 2022 in a post here on the page. Click the button below to visit the page.

We hope you all can have a lot of fun with this as we help to spread the love of God through Mary here at Guadalupe Missions. Thank you for being a part of our mission and May God bless you!

  • Scott at Guadalupe Missions