Guadalupe Stories: Paige Krohn

“Growing up I had heard of people praying for Mary’s intercession and having a relationship with her, but I didn’t really understand why. My junior year of college my friends started a daily rosary group and did a Marian Consecration together. Through the consecration, I began to see that Mary wanted to be our mother and that she wanted a relationship with me.

A few months later, arriving in Mexico City and hearing about the image of Our Lady on the tilma, I was amazed. Not only because of the surreal qualities, but because of the meaning to each tiny detail. God took the time to reveal Mary to the people in such a specific and ornate way. She desires us to encounter her here and to see the beauty of God’s design in the image and in ourselves.

Scott encouraged us to pray with the copy of the tilma and to pray with the image of Mary at the foot of the cross with Jesus. Mary stood by Jesus’s side that day and accompanied him in his suffering. Mary is there with us in the joy and the suffering. She wants to wrap her mantle of comfort around us and lead us to Jesus. Reach out to her.”