Encounter Jesus Under the Mantle of Our Lady


Category: Testimonies

Malcolm C.

I was privileged to receive a one-on-one-on-one presentation of Our Lady of Guadalupe from Scott. Why the additional “on-one”? That will become evident. First, let me say Scott is an extremely knowledgeable and passionate presenter. I had never heard her story in so much detail, coupled with all the symbols contained in the image of […]

Elizabeth M.

Elizabeth shares her experience of seeing Our Lady of Guadalupe at the Basilica in Mexico City for the first time. “My first glimpse of Our Lady of Guadalupe caught me by surprise and took my breath away. I suppose that’s just a fraction of the emotion that Juan Diego must have felt when our Lady […]

Kara C.

Guadalupe Missions’ presentation of Our Lady deepened my relationship with our Blessed Mother and made apparent the extraordinary presence of God. We were all touched by the story of Juan Diego’s encounters with Our Lady and the mission of Hope of the Poor. The immediate renewal of faith and hope in each person this image […]

Dan J.

Having served a number of times with Hope of the Poor on missions in Mexico City, I was super excited to hop on a plane and head down south of the border for my next visit. Every encounter with the poor on the streets of Mexico City, visiting and spending time with the kids, as […]

Paige K.

“Growing up I had heard of people praying for Mary’s intercession and having a relationship with her, but I didn’t really understand why. My junior year of college my friends started a daily rosary group and did a Marian Consecration together. Through the consecration, I began to see that Mary wanted to be our mother […]

Charles N.

“My prayer life has always been intact, but after my first experience with the image of Our Lady of Guadalupe, I felt called to more deeper and reflective prayer. Having purchased the actual-sized print from Guadalupe Missions and placing her in the center of my home, she is the first person I see every morning […]

Emily C.

  She has helped guide me to go so much deeper in my faith and relationship with God, and continuously reminds me to keep saying “yes” to His will and plan for me. I know she has been there to tap on her Son’s shoulder for rest and reassurance in times when I’ve needed it […]

Katherine C.

To know that she was truly alive in the tilma and being able to physically touch a copy of the image was overwhelming. Hearing all the powerful stories and encounters changed my life for good. Now, I pray to Our Mother every single day. I ask for Our Lady of Guadeloupe’s intercession daily. After every […]

Guadalupe Missions is a non-profit that provides talks, retreats and mission-pilgrimages throughout the U.S. and in Mexico City.

Our missionary work is inspired by the Beatitudes as well as the example and guidance of Our Lady, serving the poorest and most neglected individuals and communities.

Guadalupe Missions’ purpose is to evangelize by sharing the love of Christ through the gift of His mother Mary – meeting both worldly & spiritual needs.

In our talks and retreats we unpack the treasury of symbolism and depth seen in the image itself as well as the rich historical, scientific, and theological significance of a miraculous image that resulted in the largest conversion in recorded history.

We welcome you to respond to Our Lady’s generous and heartfelt invitation to greater intimacy with her Son, Jesus Christ.

We hope that you find the resources on this site (designed by missionaries – not web designers!) useful on your journey to Christ.

Know of our prayers!