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“Guadalupedia” Post:

Pronounced “teel-mah”.

A single rectangular garment worn by Aztec men with a wide variety of uses including carrying food and firewood as a makeshift bag.

This photo shows a tilma made with traditional materials and woven in the traditional method.

The way in which it is being worn around the neck with extra length held out in front is very similar to how St. Juan Diego gathered, carried, and then presented the gift of miraculous roses to Bishop Juan Zumárraga.

Guadalupe Missions is a non-profit that provides talks, retreats and mission-pilgrimages throughout the U.S. and in Mexico City.

Our missionary work is inspired by the Beatitudes as well as the example and guidance of Our Lady, serving the poorest and most neglected individuals and communities.

Guadalupe Missions’ purpose is to evangelize by sharing the love of Christ through the gift of His mother Mary – meeting both worldly & spiritual needs.

In our talks and retreats we unpack the treasury of symbolism and depth seen in the image itself as well as the rich historical, scientific, and theological significance of a miraculous image that resulted in the largest conversion in recorded history.

We welcome you to respond to Our Lady’s generous and heartfelt invitation to greater intimacy with her Son, Jesus Christ.

We hope that you find the resources on this site (designed by missionaries – not web designers!) useful on your journey to Christ.

Know of our prayers!