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Happy Feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe!

Happy Feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe!

On this day we commemorate the dramatic climax to the story of

Our Lady of Guadalupe and St. Juan Diego on December 12, 1531.

We’ve provided a brief recap of the events of the feast day at the bottom of the post.

The busy season of talks, presentations, and retreats on Our Lady of Guadalupe is in full swing! It has been a tremendous gift to see how Our Lady touches so many hearts in such powerful ways, bringing her son’s peace healing, and joy.

With all of these events, our ministry focus is drawn to the spiritual poverty that exists within so many of our communities. Addressing this poverty with history and scientific investigation, we face head-on the skepticism and doubt which blocks so many hearts from receiving the love of God.

“A Miracle for Our Time” Retreat
with about 100 in attendance
at St. Gerald’s Catholic Church in Ralston, NE

It is a very intense and rewarding time of year for us with many events, lots of travel, and meeting hundreds of new people. We ask that you keep Scott and the rest of the team in your prayers!

Lastly, on this feast day, we would like to announce our fresh new branding for Guadalupe Missions!

With tremendous gratitude for the work of very generous graphic designer associated with Word on Fire who was inspired by our work and donated the entire branding portfolio to Guadalupe Missions free of charge! Here is a sampling of the color palates and logos:

We would like to thank you for your continued prayers and support!

Please continue to keep us in your prayers and know of our prayers for you and your intentions!

Our newest mission field is bringing us to Ireland in February. The post for that update will be up shortly!

A very happy Feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe to you all!

Your friends at Guadalupe Missions


On this day, 492 years ago in Mexico City…

Mary appears simultaneously both to Juan Diego and to his dying uncle, Juan Bernadino.

For Juan Diego, he is informed of his uncle’s miraculous healing and is given the sign to bring to Bishop Zumarraga so that Juan Diego would be believed.

For Juan Bernadino, he is miraculously healed as Mary appears to him for the first time. She also reveals to him something new; her name, “Guadalupe.”

In so doing she honors him as an elder and provides another witness to verify Juan Diego’s story.

Lastly, for Bishop Juan Zumarraga, the sign he requested was given both in the freshly cut Castilian Roses from his native Spain – which were both out of season and not present yet in North America – and also the image which appeared before his eyes on the tilma of Juan Diego.

Guadalupe Missions is a non-profit that provides talks, retreats and mission-pilgrimages throughout the U.S. and in Mexico City.

Our missionary work is inspired by the Beatitudes as well as the example and guidance of Our Lady, serving the poorest and most neglected individuals and communities.

Guadalupe Missions’ purpose is to evangelize by sharing the love of Christ through the gift of His mother Mary – meeting both worldly & spiritual needs.

In our talks and retreats we unpack the treasury of symbolism and depth seen in the image itself as well as the rich historical, scientific, and theological significance of a miraculous image that resulted in the largest conversion in recorded history.

We welcome you to respond to Our Lady’s generous and heartfelt invitation to greater intimacy with her Son, Jesus Christ.

We hope that you find the resources on this site (designed by missionaries – not web designers!) useful on your journey to Christ.

Know of our prayers!